Hello world!

Hi everyone and welcome to my blog.

I’ll be posting science content here as a way to reach out and unveil some of the mystery about science.  I work mainly in soils and with climate change, so these two subjects will probably dominate my blog, at least for the time being.  I would also like to discuss what scientists do and how science is performed.  I was out of science for a couple of years and I found that there’s a lot of misunderstanding about what science is, which I attribute to the total inability of scientists to explain what they actually do.

I grew up surrounded by science; you could say that I come from a scientific family.  Yet, stepping back and talking to non-scientists, I found that there are basic questions out there that people still have.  I invite you to ask any questions you have about science, climate change, natural resources, or anything that crosses your mind and I’ll do my best to give you an informed answer.  I look forward to the dialogue.



One Response to “Hello world!”

  1. yuhdish Says:

    hi bryan,

    Thanks for your interesting articles and your quick response on treatment plants. Actually am doing my final year project on the following title ” survey on health perceptions of inhabitants residing near treatment plants” i have done some research and frankly speaking, there’s too little to talk. plz bryan, can you guide me how to make this project.

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